168 Hours in Broadstairs

Every year in spring the 4a class goes on a trip to England. Our class went to a small town called Broadstairs, located in Kent. Before the trip everybody had to choose roommates with whom they would like to spend the week. Then every group went to a different host family. The advantage of host families is that you get to speak English almost all the time.

We had school in the morning, then after a refreshing break we had afternoon activities that included a trip to Canterbury, a barn dance, a disco with a wellington boot dancing classmate, a sing-a-long and a coastal walk along a beautiful coastline with killer seagulls! No chip was safe. We would like everybody to pray for our beloved Indian classmate so that he may never be attacked by seagulls ever again.

We had a day trip to London where we visited Westminster Abbey, went on a short walking tour through the city centre and on a boat trip on the Thames. In London there were so many people that even at the Lego Store, we had to wait in a line to get in. There were also cool and weird street artists, one whose act seemed to consist of chasing women half naked.

Even though we went to school every day, the most educational part about the trip were the foreign students we met. Their unusual behaviour was something you have probably never seen before. These students from Germany, France, Spain and Italy were truly extraordinary – in a bad way.

This trip to Broadstairs will never be forgotten. We had a really great time and would like to thank our teachers for making the trip special.

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